Monday, December 21, 2009

The Blokes of Walford (& the Launderette Ladies) Wish You a Happy Holiday!

Here at the Launderette, it gets a little dull just watching the smalls go around in the dryer. So we decided to create this little video greeting for you fellow Easties. To view the video, just click here.

Friday, July 31, 2009

WLIW Announces New EastEnders Screening Event: Perfectly Frank!

On the evening of Thursday, November 19, the West Side of Manhattan will play host to an iconic East End boy: Frank Butcher.

On that night WLIW/Channel 21 will be holding a screening to support another year of EastEnders in New York. 'Perfectly Frank' is a stand alone EastEnders special that follows that lovable Cockney bad boy, Frank Butcher to Manchester, so we can find out what mischief he got up to after we last saw him in Spain. And since it's Frank Butcher, we know it's got to be a bit dodgy (and a bit funny).


If you have never attended an EastEnders screening, and gotten to see EastEnders on the big movie screen, you must! Watching EastEnders in a theatre full of fellow fans is rather amazing. When over a hundred people gasp, scream or laugh in unison, it just multiplies the fun.

Seating is limited. Get your ticket now: Here's how:

Go to , then click on the 'support' button on the menu bar, then type 'EastEnders' into the search bar and all the EastEnders pledge gifts. From there you can make your pledge to reserve your seat.

Don't be a pilchard! Join Frank Butcher, WLIW & EastEnders fans from far and wide on November 19 and help keep EastEnders rockin' on New York Public Television! See you there!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

The E20 Chronicles

Are you getting 'The E20 Chronicles'?? If not, and you're an EastEnders fan, you should be! But what is it?

'The E20 Chronicles' is a FREE, weekly e-newsletter about all things EastEnders, and published by The ever-loving Launderette Ladies. It will keep you up to date on everything that's happening with EastEnders, as well as what's happening in the EastEnders fan community over here in the States.

Want to get in on the fun? Just drop us a line here at the Launderette: E20Launderette at

We've got nothing else to do here but watch the smalls go around in the dryer, so you'll be doing us a favor. We love bringing wayward EastEnders fans in from the cold. Join us!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Raising a Glass to Wendy Richard

This past Sunday we had a great knees-up at NYC's own Queen Vic, Swing 46, in honor of Wendy Richard, who passed away last month. In attendance were a fabulous crowd of Easties from far and wide, including a surprisingly large group of hearty souls who came all the way from WETA-ville (the Washington DC area). We came, we ate, we drank, we laughed, we cried, we had a chin wag, and we raised a glass to the unforgettable Wendy Richard & Pauline Fowler.

As we gave our toast, we were graced by a lovely message from Wendy's husband, John, by way of Judy (who wore a veddy proper British hat just for the occassion). Judy helped lead the successful drive to save EE on WETA. She was also lucky enough to meet Wendy a few years ago at her local pub in London, and afterwards they kept in touch. Judy emailed John to let him know about our brunch, and he sent a message for her to read to us. He spoke of how much Wendy appreciated her fans in the US, and had even spoken up on our behalf (to the BBC heads) after the current episodes were cancelled here, and that she appreciated every card and letter she got.

We were sincerely touched that John would take the time, especially at this difficult time, to offer us this greeting.

After the toast, we watched 'EE Revealed:Goodbye Pauline' as well as the tribute to Wendy that was broadcast in the UK the night she passed away. In addition, because of the turn in the storyline that took place last Friday night's episodes on PBS (where it was Christmas 2002), we also watched the 'EE Revealed: Jamie Mitchell' special. And to cheer everyone up before we departed, we watched a clip of Grant & Phil channeling their inner Chippendale, (ie; 'Kung Fu Fighting') on the big screen. (YouTube does not do this gem justice - this clip begs to be viewed on a big screen, in a room full of squealing Easties). And to round off the afternoon, we all passed around a big Easter card to send across the pond, to cheer John & Enda Bardon.

Thanks to all the Easties who came on Sunday. It was truly a terrific crew! Thank yous also have to go out to Jan in California & Christine in Arkansas for providing me with the DVDs for us to screen. And as always, a big, big THANK YOU to Judith at Swing 46, on Manhattan's famed Restaurant Row, for allowing us to make her club our very own Queen Vic!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Monthly EastEnders Synopsis from Union Jack News

Overture: We are starting to realize that maybe Jack's interest in Tanya has more to do with him getting revenge on his brother Max, than interest in Tanya. And note, I said 'we'. Tanya is still oblivious. Maybe. And why wouldn't she be? Who would you rather sit across from at the dinner and breakfast table (not to mention all the bits in-between)? Hunka hunka burnin' luv Jack, or ginger, weasely Max? Jack's next trick to get to Easy Street is to get Tanya and the kids away from the Square, and living in France (like Tomorrow) before Max realizes they're gone. They already bought the new digs and sold their house on the Square, before the fly in the ointment, Daddy's Girl Abi finds out and promptly cals Max. Max sees a lawyer and will do anything to get custody and keep his kids from being taken out of the country. Could that mean spilling the beans about that little overlooked detail (which Jack knows nothing about): Tanya attempting to bury him alive?...

Elsewhere, with paedophile Tony unable to control Whitney like he used to, he has now started punishing her by shutting her out & pretending to be interested in Bianca. And it looks like he's set his eye on new little girls - namely vulnerable Lauren Branning. He's also trying to get Ricky out of the house, but Pat says it's her house & she's having none of it...

Across the Square, it's a hard knock life for Jane Beale who's been leading a double life for months; sneaking around behind Ian's back, while telling him she's at the gym. But Ian finally realizes she's been lying to him, and he has plenty of experience with wives lying to him, so one night he follows her and discovers her horrible secret: She's a stand-up comedian! Her stage name is 'Mrs. Beale', and as he sits in the back of the audience, unknown to Jane, he is, at first, amused. Then she starts telling jokes about 'Mr. Beale', and their sex life. Apparently, something was missing. Ouch. He later confronts her, in a disturbing scene, where he tries to be a sexy brute (as opposed to the wimpy way Mrs. Beale describes him in her act), and when rebufffed, he tells her he KNOWS. She says lighten up, I don't need anything but you. He says it's either him or the comedy. Seriously...

Elsewhere, due to the new Great Depression, The Masoods are forced to sell their post office...Garry tries, once more, to get Dawn to notice he's alive...Big Mo almost gets nicked for selling stolen underwear on the stall (don't ask)...Bradley tries to fix their relationship by rushing Stacy into marriage but she balks, and under intense questioning from Bradley, (who clearly hasn't learned his interogation techniques from anyone at Walford nick, who can never get anyone to ever confess to anything), admits that she loves him as a friend, but isn't attracted to him. So, it's over and Stacy, who's never fully dressed without a scowl, is back living with the Slaters...

Over at the Vic, it's like Picadilly Circus: Phil Warbucks is luved up with Suzy Branning Hannigan, whose main activity, when not coming very close to secretly getting it on with Peggy's Archie, is trying to get Phil to buy her expensive stuff like fur coats. Then there's Billy, who despite his history, somehow gets approved to foster recently orphaned, Jay, who thinks he's gonna like it there. But Jay is a very angry boy, and things aren't going well. Then there's Peggy, who under Archie's repressive thumb, has gone from mutton dressed as lamb, to mutton dressed as Michelle Fowler circa 1986. Rounding it off is Sean and the very pregnant Roxy (who, for some reason, Dad Archie keeps trying to keep away from her sister Ronnie, whom he clearly hates and tortures every chance he gets, by manipulating her and blocking her from anyone and everything she loves). But there seems to be a little ticking surprise package, that everyone is unaware of, thrown into the mix: Danielle who has now been hired as the cleaner at the Vic. Turns out she has a locket with a picture of the young Ronnie in it - just like Ronnie has a locket with a picture of the infant her Dad forced her to give up for adoption in it. If you haven't yet guessed, it's all very 'Annie' (on acid). When Ronnie had said she wanted to try to find her baby, Dad said he'd heard the child died, and for some bizarre reason, even though Ronnie tells anyone who'll listen that her dad is a liar, she believes him. But hmmm...seems her daughter is alive, and came to find her, and has been living in the Square for weeks, and nobody knows it's HER. Maybe they'll get a New Deal for Christmas this year (What am I saying? It will be the usual holiday bloodbath with the famerlee).

And they said Broadway was dead...

Signed, Your Faithful Reporter,
Deborah Gilbert
AKA Ishcabibble

**Pick up a copy of Union Jack News at a British specialty shop near you. It is available across the US. Or for more info, go to