Friday, December 24, 2010

Second Issue of the E20 Chronicles Now Available

Hey Easties,

We have been busy little bees getting the second Issue of the E20 Chronicles together for WLIW/Channel 21, New York, and other PBS stations, and now it's here!

The first issue was used by 6 different PBS stations to raise a lot of dosh to help keep EastEnders on the air in the US. And since the response was so great, we have created a second issue, whose sole purpose (beyond entertaining all you rabid Easties) is to be used as a pledge gift for PBS.

This issue features all brand new, exclusive interviews, not available anywhere else; interviews with Barbara Windsor, Pam St. Clement, Gary Beadle, Lucy Speed, Leslie Grantham, Derek Martin, Jane Slaughter, and Tony Jordan.
You'll learn all kinds of new things about EastEnders and the creative people who bring it to you.

The E20 Chronicles is a full size, full color magazine, and a solid read; 44 pages of articles and pictures with no advertisements. And it is available only by pledging to support EastEnders on PBS.

To make your pledge to support EastEnders on WLIW, and get your E20 Chronicles, go to their website by clicking here: WLIW Pledge Gift Page

*Once you get there, click on the 'Search the Full Catalogue' button, then type EastEnders into the search bar, and viola, you're on the EastEnders Pledge Gift page. And when there, you'll see that you can also pledge for the first issue of the E20 Chronicles, as well as that fabulous 25th Anniversary/Sgt Pepper parody print.

**If you are an EastEnders fan from Minnesota, you can get your E20 Chronicles by pledging to PBS Station TPT:

**And please note: If you are watching EastEnders on a different PBS station, where you got your E20 Chronicles last time, don't fret, you'll be able to get the new one from your station as soon as your EastEnders pledge drive rolls around. But if you don't want to wait til then, you can always pledge to WLIW now!

Keep supporting EastEnders on WLIW (and every other PBS station that broadcasts it), and enjoy the latest E20 Chronicles!

**You can watch EastEnders in the New York area on WLIW/Channel 21, Wednesday nights at 10PM.