Friday, December 24, 2010

Second Issue of the E20 Chronicles Now Available

Hey Easties,

We have been busy little bees getting the second Issue of the E20 Chronicles together for WLIW/Channel 21, New York, and other PBS stations, and now it's here!

The first issue was used by 6 different PBS stations to raise a lot of dosh to help keep EastEnders on the air in the US. And since the response was so great, we have created a second issue, whose sole purpose (beyond entertaining all you rabid Easties) is to be used as a pledge gift for PBS.

This issue features all brand new, exclusive interviews, not available anywhere else; interviews with Barbara Windsor, Pam St. Clement, Gary Beadle, Lucy Speed, Leslie Grantham, Derek Martin, Jane Slaughter, and Tony Jordan.
You'll learn all kinds of new things about EastEnders and the creative people who bring it to you.

The E20 Chronicles is a full size, full color magazine, and a solid read; 44 pages of articles and pictures with no advertisements. And it is available only by pledging to support EastEnders on PBS.

To make your pledge to support EastEnders on WLIW, and get your E20 Chronicles, go to their website by clicking here: WLIW Pledge Gift Page

*Once you get there, click on the 'Search the Full Catalogue' button, then type EastEnders into the search bar, and viola, you're on the EastEnders Pledge Gift page. And when there, you'll see that you can also pledge for the first issue of the E20 Chronicles, as well as that fabulous 25th Anniversary/Sgt Pepper parody print.

**If you are an EastEnders fan from Minnesota, you can get your E20 Chronicles by pledging to PBS Station TPT:

**And please note: If you are watching EastEnders on a different PBS station, where you got your E20 Chronicles last time, don't fret, you'll be able to get the new one from your station as soon as your EastEnders pledge drive rolls around. But if you don't want to wait til then, you can always pledge to WLIW now!

Keep supporting EastEnders on WLIW (and every other PBS station that broadcasts it), and enjoy the latest E20 Chronicles!

**You can watch EastEnders in the New York area on WLIW/Channel 21, Wednesday nights at 10PM.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The E20 Chronicles: A Magazine Created to Support EastEnders on PBS

Greetings Easties,

I've been keeping a BIG secret from you Easties, but now it's time to reveal all:

For the last six months or so we've been working on a brand new Pledge Gift for WLIW: The E20 Chronicles Magazine. See the cover at right.

Though while this is a paper version of the E20 Chronicles newsletter, it has one very BIG difference: While my weekly e-newsletter contains a collection of articles from various sources, THIS paper edition contains all NEW, all ORIGINAL interviews and articles that were created just for this magazine; created just to be a pledge gift for PBS, and have never been published anywhere else.

The ONLY way to get this one-off magazine is to pledge to PBS for it. And you do NOT want to miss reading these fabulous, new interviews.

WLIW is offering the E20 Chronicles Magazine at the $60 pledge level, and you can get it by clicking here:

This will take you to WLIW's main Pledge Gift page. When you get there, just type 'EastEnders' into the search box & the page with the EastEnders gifts will come up.

***More details below on why we all need to pledge now.

For this project, in recent months, I was lucky enough to interview June Brown (Dot), Nicholas Bailey (dishy Dr. Trueman), Shaun Williamson (Barry), Shane Richie (Alfie), Michelle Collins (Cindy) and producer John Yorke. I also interviewed our favorite London cabbie Tony Walker, as well as Enda Bardon, who gets us all caught up on John's recovery and return to EastEnders. In addition, I knew the magazine would not be complete without a tribute to Gretchen Franklin (Ethel), so I asked her good friend Stephen to write a piece about her for us. And also Wendy Richard's husband John was generous enough to allow me to interview him about Wendy. And there are a couple of other goodies in there to top it all off. In fact, there are lots of goodies. There is information, here in these exclusive interviews, that I have never read anywhere else. It is a full size magazine & 44 pages of dishy goodness. And all for YOU!

This one-off E20 Chronicles magazine is a unique pledge gift that EVERY EastEnders fan will love.

And if that weren't enough, there's a $125 pledge package that's even more amazing: How can that be, you say? What can be more amazing than the E20 Chronicles on paper?? Well Easties, it's THIS:

We were able to get WLIW a limited number of art prints of this FABULOUS EastEnders 25th Anniversary parody of the Sgt Pepper album cover!! (All of those people on the cover are now EE actors! It is just TOO COOL!) These prints are 12x12", (ready for framing), printed on art paper with archival inks. And do you know what 'archival' means, Easties? It means that in 50 years, your great grandchildren will be able to go to The Antiques Road Show and say, 'I don't know what it is. It was always hanging in the living room.' At which time, the appraiser will say, 'This print was a limited edition offering, available in the US, only by pledging to WLIW. It's now worth a gazillion dollars!' Yes, your great grandchildren, set for life because you pledged to support EastEnders on WLIW! (***OK, so future antiques appraisals not guaranteed: It is possible that this predicted outcome is just the result of an over-active imagination. But it COULD happen! Anything can happen when you pledge to support another year of EastEnders on WLIW).

So for a pledge of $125, you get:

A copy of the E20 Chronicles Magazine
The 25th Anniversary print
AND the Dot Cotton Tote bag!! (such a deal!)

We put alot of time and effort into putting this magazine together & we did it for one reason only: To create a pledge gift that will encourage you Easties to PLEDGE to keep EastEnders on the air! And we cannot underestimate just how IMPORTANT it is that you PLEASE PLEDGE NOW!

****Why do we need to pledge now?: It is a simple reality of the current economy that pledges are down across the board. And even though WLIW has always supported us, (and they truly have), they are getting new financial pressures from above. The simple fact is EastEnders HAS TO carry its own weight, in WLIW's budget. WLIW has been very responsive to EastEnders fans - even offering this E20 Chronicles magazine at the $60 pledge level is in response to those who have said they'd like to pledge for a premium gift but can't afford the higher level gifts recently offered. The last pledge drive (in August) was for last year's episodes. We now need to pledge for 2010, and it is critical, I'd say, just as critical as it was 5 years ago, that all those who want EastEnders to continue to please make your pledge now.

So now it's your turn Easties! It is time to get pledging! The time is now. If you want EastEnders to continue on WLIW, it is now or never. Here again is the link to the page on WLIW's website where you can put in your pledge: Please pledge for EastEnders by clicking here: WLIW Pledge Gift Page. (Then type 'EastEnders' into the search box).If you want EastEnders to continue on WLIW, it is time to make your voices heard by making your pledge. If you have any questions, just ask.

The Launderette Ladies

**To those Easties in other PBS station areas: so far WLVT in Allentown, and UNC in North Carolina have also signed on to offer the E20 Chronicles magazine as a pledge gift on ther upcoming pledge drives. Hopefully other PBS stations will as well - if your station isn't on the list, please let them know about this and pass along the email address of the Launderette. And to all you unaffiliated Easties out there - especially train riders - who'd like a copy of the E20 Chronicles magazine (or the package with the print) we hope you'll pledge to WLIW for them. THANK YOU!

***Update: More PBS Stations now offering the E20 Chronicles as a pledge gift during their March Pledge Drives, including:

UNC-TV, North Carolina (
Houston PBS, Houston, Texas (
WPBS, Watertown, New York (
TPT, Minneapolis/St Paul, Minnesota (
WLVT, Allentown, Pennsylvania (
WETA, Washington DC (