Friday, July 31, 2009

WLIW Announces New EastEnders Screening Event: Perfectly Frank!

On the evening of Thursday, November 19, the West Side of Manhattan will play host to an iconic East End boy: Frank Butcher.

On that night WLIW/Channel 21 will be holding a screening to support another year of EastEnders in New York. 'Perfectly Frank' is a stand alone EastEnders special that follows that lovable Cockney bad boy, Frank Butcher to Manchester, so we can find out what mischief he got up to after we last saw him in Spain. And since it's Frank Butcher, we know it's got to be a bit dodgy (and a bit funny).


If you have never attended an EastEnders screening, and gotten to see EastEnders on the big movie screen, you must! Watching EastEnders in a theatre full of fellow fans is rather amazing. When over a hundred people gasp, scream or laugh in unison, it just multiplies the fun.

Seating is limited. Get your ticket now: Here's how:

Go to , then click on the 'support' button on the menu bar, then type 'EastEnders' into the search bar and all the EastEnders pledge gifts. From there you can make your pledge to reserve your seat.

Don't be a pilchard! Join Frank Butcher, WLIW & EastEnders fans from far and wide on November 19 and help keep EastEnders rockin' on New York Public Television! See you there!

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Anonymous said...

I just went to WLIW's website to get my ticket. It sounds like fun.

I can't wait!