Saturday, February 19, 2011

EastEnders & WLIW: WE DID IT!!!

The EastEnders fund drive has been a resounding success! We did not just hit our target; We smashed through it.

Tonight, during the four episode Slumber Party Marathon, WLIW will congratulate EastEnders fans for saving the show. Thanks to all those who contributed, EastEnders will keep rockin' on, on WLIW, into 2012.

And how much did we raise? WLIW gave us the goal of $18K, but in just two and a half weeks we fans raised over $35,000! This will cover 2011 and give us a head start on 2012.

**And it is important to note that EastEnders remains on WLIW, not by people 'protesting', (as was erroneously suggested by someone who had nothing at all to do with the drive), but rather by those fans who choose to work with the station. EastEnders fans and PBS are NOT adversaries, we are on the same team.

Congratulations to all fans who contributed to this drive's success!

Watch EastEnders Wednesday nights at 10PM on WLIW/Channel 21 New York.

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ANDREW said...

Amen ! Was really worried we were going to lose such an entertaining show. I happen to catch an episode this pass June & HAV been hooked ever since. Many thanks to all that contributed to keep this awesome show on 4 another yr.