Wednesday, March 06, 2013

EastEnders/WLIW Drive Update!

Good News Easties!: We are very close to meeting our goal for our special WLIW EastEnders drive. And, of course, because we have teamed up with WLIW to do this, they are doing their bit as well. Tonight, before each EastEnders episode, you saw a message from WLIW President John Servidio, making his appeal. 

If you haven't pledged yet, please do! All the pledge information is in the post below (in my last post). Thank you to all who have participated already & if you haven't it's not too late! Please check out all the info in the post directly below this one.


Anonymous said...

Last year WLIW allowed me to pledge the amount I wanted to donate for Eastenders. I do not understand why if yu wish to donate less than $60 you have to send a check in to here.

E20 Launderette said...

You don't have to send a check into here - You can send a check directly to WLIW if you wish. This is about a special fund drive that I am organizing with WLIW, to make sure we raise enough to keep EastEnders on the air. I have been doing this with them for the last 8 years. Unfortunately, there are some EastEnders fans who feel more comfortable pledging this way, so I collect the checks from my readers and them hand WLIW a big stack! Please read the detailed explanation of what the drive is about. You should know however, that if you pledge by phone or online outside of a live pledge break, there is no way for their computer system to attach your pledge to EE unless you get a pledge gift. Otherwise it goes into the general fund. Of course, they offer such great programming, we don't mind supporting their general fund, but if you want to support EastEnders, outside of a live pledge break, the only way to attach your pledge to EastEnders is by a check.

If you would like to send a check directly to WLIW, in any amount, to support EastEnders, here is their address:

825 Eighth Avenue - 14th Floor
New York, NY 10019
Attn: Viewer Service

Make sure you enclose a letter stating that the donation is for EastEnders, and make sure to thank them for keeping it on the air all these years.

E20 Launderette said...
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E20 Launderette said...

NOTE: To address the commenter who claimed that WLIW is somehow being remiss in showing the EastEnders episodes, and that is why we are so far behind the UK -- that is COMPLETELY WRONG.

WLIW (and every other PBS station) can only broadcast the episodes the BBC sends them. The reason we are behind is because the BBC only sends 2 episodes a week to the US, even though there are 4 episodes a week on in the UK. That means that every year we fall another year behind.

When EastEnders first started there were just 2 episodes a week, which the BBC was sending over. The they went to 3 episodes a week, then eventually 4 a week. But even though the BBC increased production, they did not increase the number of episodes they send over here.

So, any anger you may feel towards WLIW is completely misplaced.

The facts are these: WLIW has stood by EastEnders and EastEnders fans year after year, often when they were getting nothing back from fans but animosity. They have consistently been an honest and well-meaning partner with EastEnders fans. While other stations all across have just cancelled the show without giving fans any recourse, WLIW has tried everything to keep it on the air for us, and we all owe them gratitude and respect for that.

Laura A. said...

I just wanted to thank you for your hard work. I sent in $175 to WLIW today. I can't afford this easily, but I have so enjoyed this program froom the beginning, and I think I owe it to WLIW for bringing me (and my mom, who I turned on to this show) so much fun over the years. I hoope this drive brings in enough $ to sustain Eastenders for a few years, not just this one season.

E20 Launderette said...

Make sure you tune into EastEnders tonight on WLIW -- it will start a half hour early and they'll be running 3 episodes instead of the usual two. And, they will have a special message for EE fans!

Anonymous said...

I also would like to thank you. for your efforts. Hurrah!