Monday, July 30, 2007

Mike Reid: Farewell Sweet Diamond Geezer

We are sad today, to hear of the passing of EastEnders legend Mike Reid. He died yesterday, of an apparent heart attack at the age of 67, at his home in Spain.

We know that this is a huge loss for his family, friends, and co-workers, and our thoughts go out to them. And it is also a loss for EastEnders fans everywhere, who always thought that one day Frank Butcher would come walking back into Albert Square with a 'Hello babe.' We always knew that, despite everything, Pat still hoped he would.

And the timing of his death is very ironic for fans here in New York: Just this past Saturday night, WLIW broadcast the episode where Peggy & Pat hear that Frank has died in Spain. If only this passing was as make-believe as that one.

This is how we'll always think of Mike:

We know you all remember this scene! The sense of humor he imbued in Frank, whom he portrayed with that sly wink, gravely voice, and his own unique expressions brought Walford to life (he is still the only person, we've ever heard, call someone a 'donut'). Frank Butcher was the personification of the alchemy that happens when good writing meets a unique and charismatic actor. He was a truly irreplaceable soul.

So we raise a glass to Mike Reid: This diamond geezer will be missed!

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Susan said...

I am so sad to hear of Mike Reid's passing. Having been a fan of Eastenders for many years, I was able to see him show his amazing talent both in comic and tragic scenes. I think he created one of the most real, and magnetic characters ever on EE, and maybe on TV in general.
It seems like he lived life to the fullest, regardless of past tragedies, which should be a comfort to his friends and loved ones.
My condolences to his family, and please know that Mike gave many happy moments to his fans over the years.