Monday, November 10, 2008

PBS Alert: EastEnders 'Breakfast at Kathy's' Tote Bag Available Now!

Support keeping EastEnders on PBS Station WLIW/Channel 21 by pledging, and get this great gift! It can be yours for a pledge of $100 to WLIW.

This fabulous tote bag is take-off on 'Breakfast at Tiffany's', with Walford's own Dot Cotton Branning as Holly Golightly. For those unfamiliar with this great bag; it would not even exist were it not for our request that it be made for PBS viewers. So consider yourselves to be in very exclusive company. (You'd also, probably, like to know that June Brown approved of the design.)

To pledge your support EastEnders, and get your tote bag, just go to: Once there, click on 'support 21', then click on 'thank-you gift', then type 'EastEnders' into the search bar, and viola! Up will pop the tote bag listing.

You can take it from there!

And remember, as with the tickets, your pledge buys you much more than the bag: It buys you another year of EastEnders (104 episodes!). You simply cannot beat a deal like that!

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