Monday, November 10, 2008

Attend a Private Screening of 'Dot's Story'

Support EastEnders on PBS Station WLIW/Channel 21, and JOIN US on Thursday evening, November 20, in Manhattan, New York City, for a private screening of 'Dot's Story'!

Dot's Story has never been broadcast here in the US, and it is an absolutely BRILLIANT film: EastEnders at its finest.

To those who are unfamiliar with 'Dot's Story', it is an excellent and very moving look into Dot's childhood experiences, being evacuated during the war (as she has often mentioned). Told in flashback, as well as now, you learn what REALLY went on in Dot's childhood, and how she became the person she is. We also get to meet Dot's mother! And the little actress cast to play the 8 year old Dot, in the flashback parts, is so pitch-perfect, so brilliantly cast, that you will be absolutely amazed. For EastEnders fans; This film is outside the regular storyline, so you won't see it here in the US without attending this screening. And you do NOT want to miss it!

You can join us for a pledge of $100 for one ticket, or $180 for two tickets.

If you have never attended an EastEnders screening, you must! To sit in the theatre and watch EastEnders on the big screen, with a theatre full of fans is simply a blast, and something every EastEnders fan should try.

Please pledge now to get your ticket for this must see event, and to do your bit to keep EastEnders on WLIW/Channel 21 for another year. Go to:

There are just a few seats left, so get yours today!

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